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Aminodiscovery, a manufacturerof amino acids and amino compound salt in China.

In Aminodiscovery , the quality concept has been endorsed by the whole organization and the staffs and responsibilities are clear to everyone. More than 8 well trained and motivated employees work in our state-of-the-art production plants. Subject to international rules of quality assurance ISO9001, we continuously develop the expertise to ensure the highest levels of skills. Certified by the Star-K Kosher certification, HACCP certification and the Halal certification, our amino acid products generally meet the requirement of AJI, USP, EP and FCC standard. Prior to all, we focus on production to satisfy our customer's requirement.


Contact: Mr Louis Lu

Phone: 13853510897

Tel: 13853510897

Email: 996275813@qq.com Goldmeil@hotmail.com

Add: No.161 Haishi Rd,PengLai ,ShanDong .China

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